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3 Jul 2013

Pharmacists in Illinois Dont Have to Distribute Emergency Contraception, but Students in New York City Can Get It in School

Emergency Contraception (EC), also known as the morning after pill, is a method of birth control that can be taken after unprotected sex. Women who had intercourse without birth control or experienced the failure of their regular method of birth control can take EC within five days in order to prevent pregnancy. Emergency dildos on sale: contraception is a hormonal method that works, like the birth control pill, to prevent ovulation. EC does not end prevent a fertilzed egg from implanting in the uterus, nor can it end an existing pregnancy once implantation occurs. Despite this, many people continue to confuse EC with the abortion pill (which can end an existing pregnancy), and anti-abortion proponents continue to misrepresent it as an abortifacient.

Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act says that health-care providers do not have to participate in any care that violates their consciences or religious beliefs. To ensure that this law did not prevent women from accessing EC, in 2005, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich mandated that all pharmacists and pharmacies sell the drug. In 2011, a judge in the state placed the law under an injunction, arguing that the law was not neutral because it was designed to target religious objectors. The judge noted that there was no evidence that EC had ever been denied on religious grounds. On Friday, an Illinois appellate court agreed and said that the Health Care Right of Conscience Act protects pharmacists who decide not to dispense EC due to their beliefs.

The ACLU of Illinois spoke out against the decision, saying:

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