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19 Jul 2013

Researchers found that college students were more than twice as likely to talk about sexual health issues with their partners after watching a Sex and the City episode featuring the characters sex toys for men here http://www.sextoysbrand.com/sex-toys-for-men Samantha and Miranda having similar conversations, compared to students who saw different episodes.

One of the powerful things about entertainment programming is that it can get people talking about important issues that they might not otherwise talk about, said Emily Moyer-Gus, assistant professor of communication at Ohio State University and lead author of the study.

But the key is that the TV show can’t just raise the topic of sexual health — the characters in the TV show have to be shown having frank discussions with their friends, partners and doctors.

Viewers will model their behavior after the TV characters, and have these conversations in their own lives, she said.

Moyer-Gus conducted the research with Adrienne Chung and Parul Jain, both graduate students at Ohio State. The study appears in the June 2011 issue of the Journal of Communication.

The study involved 243 college students with an average age of about 20. They were shown one of three versions of an episode from Sex and the City, all of which were edited for purposes of the study.

In one version, Samantha and Miranda have discussions with friends, doctors and sexual partners related to the sexually transmitted diseases SexToysBrand chlamydia and HIV.

Other participants saw a version of the same epi.

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chance to get a vaccine and prevent this disease. Im also baffled that anyone would neglect to get their daughters these shots, all three of them. Unlike some diseases like measles and whooping cough that are now rare because of widespread adoption of vaccines, HPV is as common as dirt. If you dont get the vaccines, you can basically count on getting one or another strain of HPV at some point in your adult life. But once you do get it, theres no way really to make sure you have not contracted one of the strains of HPV that causes cervical cancer or other problems, as opposed to a more benign strain. The only real prevention is the vaccine.

Perhaps education about the vaccine needs to be more expansive. Parents dont just need to be told it prevents cervical cancer, which may seem alien and far off compared to some of the more immediate effects of HPV. Doctors could also explain how the vaccine prevents the development of abnormal cells that lead to painful surgeries, and in some rare cases, infertility. Dangling the carrot ofgrandkidsin front of parents to remind them to get their daughters vaccinatedcouldnthurt. It alsocouldnthurt to point out that the ill effects of HPV can often show up crazy daisy love doll in relatively young women, even as cervical cancer tends to be more common inmiddle age. Parents need to have full information about what this vaccine provides in order to be vigilant.

Additionally, pediatricians need to be more mindful of the gap in a girls care between when she eases out of being a child but before shes really old enough to see a gynecologist. Its easy to see how that ambiguity can cause girls to fall through the cracks. Perhaps the low uptake rate of this vaccine can create an incentive for the medical community to address the larger problem of handling care for this group thats in between childhood and physical maturity.




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